Florida’s Finest Vape, CBD, and Smoke Shops

Florida is home to some of the best alternative and herbal stores in the United States. We’re always leading the rest of the sates when it comes to embracing new natural remedies. The best place to find these less popular types of products is at smoke shops. No two smoke shops are the same either. Some will charge an arm and a leg and others will charge honest internet-like prices. It’s good to know which ones are budget friendly.

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These Shops Are Important

Some of the most unique and useful products can be found in these head shops. Products like vape mods, kratom, CBD oil, blue lotus, and other natural herbal supplements can only be found in these shops or online. Without getting approval from the regulatory agencies that oversee supplements, these types of products are restricted to the smoke shops.

You can’t go to big chain stores like Walmart to buy a vaporizer. One day you will be able to, but that day may be long after we’re gone. Walmart might not exist by then, but some big chain store will start carrying vaporizers. It’s inevitable. As momentum picks up and the regulators get on board, big stores will feel more comfortable carrying such items. They all sell alcohol, which we know can have damaging side effects. It’s just a matter of time before they start selling herbal supplements that aren’t mainstream right now.

As the younger generation of individuals start to take over the leaderships roles in the US, we can expect to see this slowly starting to change. Once millennials are the majority of the politicians and regulators, we will see a lot more relaxation when it comes to this area.


What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of turning something into vapor. There are many different types of vaporizers and they all serve different purposes. You can vape dry herbs such as tobacco, blue lotus, or marijuana. You can also vape concentrates or liquids such as THC oil, CBD extract, or nicotine infused e-liquids. This is becoming more popular every year because it’s not as bad for you as smoking. There are now over 5 million vapers in the US.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a cannabinoid that comes from cannabis. It is found in both marijuana and hemp but is illegal if it comes from marijuana. When it comes from hemp, it doesn’t contain much THC and is not psychoactive. This is the legal version which is commonly called CBD oil. Some companies call it hemp oil in order to let people know that it did not come from the marijuana plant.

Support Local Businesses

Supporting local stores is something we all should do regularly. Local business owners have and always will be an important part of any community. Having a thriving local business scene can totally change the nature of a city. Mom and pop shops make a city feel like home, even if you’re a transplant or tourist.

These businesses are awesome because you get to meet the owner and build a relationship with a store that you patronize. It’s nice to know where your money is going and know the people you’re giving it to.

This is not the purpose, but sometimes it can lead to getting recurring discounts. I get a 15% discount at a local restaurant every time I go because I go so much and bring people with me. The owner recognizes me and is always happy to see me coming in with a group of people.

It’s also better to pay taxes to your own municipality and city than to someone else’s in another state or country. I shop online and offline, but try to support local businesses whenever possible and reasonable. I won’t drive an hour for something I can buy online, but I will drive15-20 minutes to support a down to earth business. It makes me feel good about where my money is going.